Student Drag Ball Draws Diverse Crowd

Dan Pneuman, Staff Writer

Open Minded Unity (OMU) hosted their annual fall Drag Ball this past Friday, October 8 in Hunt Union Waterfront, co-hosted with the Student Fashion Society (SFS). it was an apt pairing of student organizations. Drag is famous for its fashion-forward, gender-bending, edgy appeal that has historically been celebrated on the fringes of society, most famously in the house culture of NYC. The attendance at this wonderful event, by not only OMU members but also by students from all demographics within this campus, is a testament to the accepting atmosphere of our campus community. Heading off The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center’s fall National Pride Month, Drag Ball had a fall theme with a nod to the recently achieved Marriage Equality in New York State, and the overturning of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Edit: This photo has been removed.

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