Metal Fanatics Organize Invasion

A.J. Piszcz, Contributing Writer

This past Saturday I found myself at the Oneonta Moose Lodge for a show called the Mass Invasion. This show was put on by Russ Kanser and his team from Kanserous Productions, the same company that organized and produced DirtyFest as well as various other shows.
The first band of the night was Sleep Circadia from Syracuse, NY. They started the show off with a bang as they played original material from their demo and their new EP, “The Strive to be Alive.” Their tight playing was complemented tremendously by the thunderous drumming of KJ McCann. The raw energy of this young band got the whole floor moving in unison with their pummeling music.
After a short break, the next band to take the floor was Siberian Death March. This group of guys has become a favorite in Oneonta over the past few years. They played their set of original songs with the same fervor that they always present when playing a show. The antics of band members Slice Maverick and Kyle Wolfgang Mayhem both during and after their set kept fans excited as well as entertained.
Siberian Death March resumed their spots back in the audience after pounding out their set, in anticipation for the next band. Mercia from Rochester, NY then took the floor. After briefly talking with the guys from the band before their set, I was impressed to see how such nice individuals could come together to make such heavy, aggressive music. With constant speedy riffs and double bass beats, they tore through their songs as the audience enjoyed their brand of metal.
Next up was the local band Buried Life. Buried Life’s short set consisted of three originals and a cover of the Born of Osiris song “Bow Down.” The band enacted material moshing and “hardcore dancing” throughout the entirety of their set. After a brutal final breakdown, they jumped back into the audience to wait for The Summoned from Massachusetts to take the floor.
The Summoned opened their furious set of original music with a song from their new album, “If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures.” The musicianship of The Summoned was unparalleled as they blasted through their set with technical proficiency. The band left the audience in awe with their lightning fast melodic passages and their bone-crushingly heavy riffs.
Every fan of metal music that was in attendance left the Moose Lodge more than satisfied with the diverse and talented line-up that they had seen. On behalf of Russ Kanser, the members of all the bands, the fans and myself, I encourage you to come out to the next Kanserous Productions show and enjoy yourself while hearing some great music. Hope to see you all at the next one.

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