OWS: Who Cares?

Alex Lyakhov, Contributing Writer

There, I said it. Yes folks, this massive movement in America and now across the planet is just plain stupid. I say people should just ignore it and continue on with life as usual because these millions of protesters don’t know the huge damage they’ll cause if they are successful in having their demands met. You might be wondering why I say this. You might also be surprised that I’d say something like this, but let me explain.
I say that CEO’s deserve their enormous bonuses. So what if thousands of their workers are being laid off because of budget issues? Those workers should know better than to take a job with such a high risk of being laid off. After all, CEO’s in America are only paid 40 to 50 times more than CEO’s in the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy or Canada how will they feed their families without these bonuses?
These protesters also want the richest folks to pay an equal percentage of taxes that average workers do? They don’t know squat about economics. A schoolteacher making $50,000 a year should pay at the very least a 20 percent income tax. We live in a society folks, citizens making tens of thousands of dollars a year should stop complaining and think about those who can barely make $10,000 in one year. What about all those folks making more than a million per year? I say it’s okay if they pay a lower tax rate than these teachers, firemen, cashiers, secretaries or those fine people that greet you when you enter your favorite Wal-Mart. These millionaires and billionaires are all extremely important when it comes to maintaining our economic strength. They don’t need to pay an equal percentage of taxes like everyone else. Think about it, if you made over a million per year, wouldn’t you be voluntarily supporting our economy by starting a business, selling Chinese-made merchandise or offering people jobs. Maybe if you’re lucky, your business would grow so big that you’ll support America’s economy even more by moving your business offshore where you can pay even lower taxes than you would in Amercia Let’s not forget that ExxonMobil, GE and Bank of America paid zero taxes last year. It’s not important to remember that they had a profit of hundreds of billions of dollars combined. What matters is that you and your parents pay a higher tax rate than ExxonMobil so that these mega-corporations have enough money to support more jobs…so stop whining and go get a job, but not somewhere where layoffs are going on, or where they’re not hiring, that would just be dumb. And if they’re not hiring, blame yourself for that. You should know better than to have a college degree after over a decade of schooling and think you can just have a job handed to you.
And so what if corporations don’t seek consent to extract wealth from the people or the Earth. Hello? They’re not the government, they’re corporations. They don’t even need consent from the government (whose job it is to represent the people). They simply use their vast wealth to get more wealth by making our government officials wealthier by giving them money. It’s that simple. If you’re a corporation that makes billions every year and you want to blow up a few hundred mountains to get the coal underneath, then more power to you. No one needs mountains. The people crying about their drinking water being poisoned and those supposedly enormous rates of asthma and cancers in their communities should realize there are more important things in the world to worry about. Think of it this way your suffering is helping Alpha Natural Resources CEO Kevin Crutchfield feed his exotic Japanese fish with caviar. You wouldn’t want his exotic fish to die would you? Because that’s what fish eat…caviar. So what if burning coal helps accelerate climate change? In case you haven’t heard by now, Fox News reports that climate change is a hoax, so quit arguing with Fox News. Just ignore what thousands of climatologists, biologists, sociologists and other -ists around the world are saying. Ignore the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (among others) scientists saying that climate change is made worse by burning fossil fuels like coal. And it’s not like ExxonMobil is paying politicians to deny climate change exists. Wait, ExxonMobil gave Texas Governor Rick Perry over $11 million? Okay, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Perry sees merit in tackling the issue by halting fossil fuel usage and expanding the role of renewable energy. Wait, Mr. Perry says climate change is bullshit and wants to expand oil drilling everywhere? Well then, uh, it makes sense though. He’s gotta feed his family somehow. Don’t be jealous you’re not getting millions of dollars from a mega-corporation. That’s your own fault.
If corporations prefer profit over equality and oppression over justice, and if they want to run our government, then let them. Who are we to say that mega-corporations shouldn’t be allowed to give as much money as they want to convince lawmakers to make policies that suit their own interests? You are being selfish if you do. The “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision must never be overturned. Everyone knows this country wasn’t actually created so that the People can have a say in government. If you do, how about reading up on your history? It was always meant to be for corporations to control government because of their wealth. If you can’t buy your own Congressman then blame yourself for not being a multinational mega-corporation. You should know better. Stupid.
Have a nice day, hippie idiots.

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