“The Green Knight”: A Review


Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

We students have had a long week, coming back from break and readjusting. It’s time to kick back, relax, and watch another movie!

After another long week of homework and studying, my favorite day of the week came along… Sunday! This Sunday I decided to do my normal routine and indulge in a film! This week’s choice: the showing of the recently released film “The Green Knight” in Hunt Union! This movie is based on the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

This is, again, not the typical movie I would pick to see, but I decided to give it a chance. From the beginning, it was never really clear what was going on. I was able to start understanding bits and pieces as I watched, but it was hard to follow. This is not an action movie like you would necessarily expect it to be, so if you are going into it thinking it’s one, you will be disappointed.

The movie can be very hard to hear at times, so you should come ready to not understand some words or what they are saying. That honestly is not fun for me while watching a movie since I have trouble paying attention already, so it is easier for me to give up watching something when I cannot understand it.

The movie wasn’t horrible, I was able to sort of understand the plot and get some sort of entertainment out of it, like the beginning portion where the protagonist agreed to take on the challenge that he was thought to be incapable of. It was also cool to see how people’s reactions to him changed, and how popularity can dictate everything.

But I was never actually sure what was going on after the fact, why there was a puppet show, or what the puppet show meant. Eventually, about an hour into the movie, I decided to give up on it. The movie did have the potential for me to like it, it was just hard to follow.

There were things about the movie I did like! I enjoyed looking at the scenery and the costumes of the characters. I also enjoyed the main character when I was able to understand him and his emotions. It seemed he had this lack of confidence in himself, and there was something in him everyone knew was missing. He was excited at the beginning of the movie, but again, I could not always understand what was happening. I enjoyed the parts I was able to get or piece together, it just simply was not my type of movie.

My dislike of this movie should not discourage you from trying the movie and formulating your own opinion. Everyone has their own taste, and even though this was not mine, it may be yours!

If you are looking for something to do over the weekends here at SUNY Oneonta, be sure to check out the Corq app and try out a movie showing in Hunt Union at the theatre!

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