Deshaun Watson Allegations

Andrew Dawson, Staff Writer |

Twenty-two civil cases have been filed against Houston Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson, accusing him of a range of actions during massage appointments over the past year. These accusations range from refusal to cover his genitals to forced oral sex. Watson has denied all allegations in the lawsuits.

“Watson’s behavior is part of a disturbing pattern of preying on vulnerable women,” said one of the lawsuits alleges.

CNN also reported that one of the lawsuits called Watson a “serial predator.”

Most of the lawsuits reported, Watson would reach out to masseuses via Instagram and meet in homes, spas, hotel rooms and massage offices.

In one of the lawsuits, a woman who also works as a licensed therapist,stated that Watson wanted her to focus on massaging his groin area. The woman then realized that Watson only wanted the massage for sexual reasons. She then asked Watson to leave, and he allegedly responded by saying, “I know you have a career and reputation, and I know you would hate for someone to mess with yours, just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine.”.

Another Apr. 19, 2020 lawsuit accused Watson of sexually harassing a masseuse at a Houston spa. The plaintiff was contacted by Watson via Instagram, scheduling an appointment for a massage. During the appointment, Watson requested that the woman focused on the crevices in his groin area, the lawsuit states. Then the plaintiff said when Watson rolled onto his back, his penis was exposed and he had an erection. Watson asked the woman on several occasions to touch his penis and he ejaculated, leaving the woman “mortified and confused,” as the lawsuit states.

On May. 28, 2020, Watson was accused of sexually assaulting a personal trainer. Watson requested a massage from the trainer even though she isn’t a licensed masseuse. The woman agreed to give the massage to Watson, he then allegedly told her to focus on his groin, glutes and abdominals. She said the massage took place in his house and at one point Watson exposed his penis and moved it towards her hand. The lawsuit says Watson told her, “I hope you do not mind if we continue the massage like this.” The woman became scared and ended the massage. The plaintiff also stated she called her mother that day to tell her what happened, and Watson texted her the same day to ask if she was okay.

Former Houston mayoral candidate, Tony Buzbee, is representing the 22 anonymous women who filed the lawsuits against Watson. Buzbee said in a statement on Apr. 2, “Other criminal complaints will follow, as previously indicated, in Houston and in other jurisdictions and with other agencies.”

Watson has continued to deny all allegations against him. On Mar. 16, Watson made a public statement through a social media post saying that he has always treated women with the “utmost respect,” and he looks forward to clearing his name.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, believes the accusations against his client are false and he countered them by releasing public statements from 18 therapists who had positive encounters with Watson.

These accusations came at a bad time for Watson as he is seeking a trade from the Texans. The NFL also announced it will be launching its own investigation into Watson’s allegations.

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