COVID-19: How Celebrities are Contributing

Eva Sarfo, Contributing Writer |

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have been self-quarantining and practicing social distancing. Since concerts, festivals and movie productions have been canceled or postponed, celebrities have been keeping fans entertained by doing live shows on Instagram, making TikToks and participating in social media challenges.

Songwriters Ne-Yo and Johnta Austin are among those who held Instagram live competitions for their fans. The critically acclaimed songwriters played Grammy award-winning songs ranging from Mariah Carey to Beyoncé. Their set has been made into a playlist on Spotify.

Oscar award-winning actor Ben Affleck has teamed up with Feeding America to raise money through a poker game live-stream. The money raised will go toward coronavirus relief funds. Affleck has stated that the organization has already gained over $1 million.

While providing amusement to fans bored at home, celebrities are also using their platforms to advise people to stay at home and sharing tips on how to handle the crisis. Actress Kerry Washington live-streamed a Q&A with the surgeon general, Nadine Harris, of California to discuss how to relieve stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

Many celebrities have offered to help those in need during the pandemic. Singer/songwriter Rihanna donated $5 million through her organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation. The funds will help support local food banks, provide protective gear for hospital workers and distribute respiratory supplies.

The goal of the foundation is to help fund emergency response programs in Africa and the Caribbean. Kylie Jenner has also donated $1 million to supply health care workers and first responders with protective gear such as masks and face shields.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has pledged to donate $1 billion to help finance coronavirus relief. This money comes from his shares in his mobile payments company, Square Inc.. He has stated on Twitter that this counts for 28% of his wealth. Once the pandemic is over, he plans to move the money to support health and education for girls. He hopes this will inspire other billionaires to do the same.

Celebrities across the country, and across the world, are making whatever contributions they can to help those in need and those fighting to keep the population healthy. Local communities are also doing what they can to give aid to those who need it. There are several GoFundMe and other fundraising campaigns designed to give money to those less fortunate in your community. So remember, however small the contribution, anything you donate helps.

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