WONY’s DJ of the Week

Riley Brown, Contributing Writer

WONY Radio is proud to announce that Abby Perrin, Baylee Bruno, and Lindsey Geoghegan are this week’s DJs of the week! Their show, “This Is Gonna Hurt” is a weekly talk and music show hosted by the trio. Each week, the hosts play their “Song of the Week” and then discuss their “Pick of the Week,” which could be anything from a brand of marinara sauce to a recent concert they went to. The show ends with “Rose, Thorn, and Bud,” a review of the hosts’ good and bad moments of the past week and then something they are looking forward to. In between segments, they enjoy discussing current pop culture events, nostalgia, and favorite movies.

Abby is a junior music industry major and computer art minor. Formerly the host of “Full Circle,” “It’s Spherical,” and “Block Party Whisper,” she has been a WONY DJ since Spring 2018 and became the Communications Director in fall 2019. This year, she serves as the station’s Operations Manager. Outside of WONY, Abby serves as the Music Industry Club’s Vice President. She loves to be involved in local live music and in her free time travels all around to see her favorite bands.

Baylee is a junior music industry major and event planning minor. She has been a WONY DJ and events department member since Spring 2019, and is the former host of The Buzz. Outside of WONY, Baylee serves as the Music Industry Club’s Secretary. She loves to travel and will be studying abroad in Japan during the spring 2020 semester.

Lindsey is a sophomore music industry major. She has been a WONY DJ and events department member since Fall 2018 and is the former host of Enlightenment. Outside of WONY, Lindsey serves as Hooked On Tonics’ Vice President. She loves many types of music and watching comedy shows.

Tune into “This Is Gonna Hurt” every Tuesday night from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. to hear Abby, Baylee, and Lindsey play some music and give you a laugh.

Interested in joining WONY? Contact our Training Director at  [email protected] and don’t forget to Keep It Locked! 

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