What is One Direction’s “Perfect” Really About?

Claudia Corneya, Contributing Writer

One Direction released their second single from their new album Made in the A.M. on October 16. “Perfect” is a slow love song. It is also the second song the band has released since Zayn Malik left the band mid-tour. Even though the loss was heartbreaking for fans, the band keeps moving on with new songs and the members take turns replacing Zayne’s parts in concerts.

The common opinion is that the new 1D single is about Taylor Swift. Swift and Styles dated for a brief period in 2012. This relationship allegedly influenced a couple of Swift’s songs like “Out of the Woods” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”. We all know that T-Swift loves to use her breakups to write songs and her love songs create the image of the perfect “Romeo”. Swift has joked that her song “Style” is about a One Directioner in previous interviews.

A Youtuber mashed up Taylor Swift’s song “Style” and One Direction’s “Perfect”. If you listen to one after the other, you will hear some of the musical similarities, which is especially suspicious considering “Perfect” has a totally different sound than 1D’s last album Four. If you are still not sure if you believe it or not, look at these lyrics from the song “Perfect”:

“If you are looking for someone to write your songs about”

and “I might not be your knight in shining armor.”

When Styles was asked about this rumor, he replied that the single is “a spontaneous love song. You write about your own experiences… It doesn’t always have to be an exact story.”

So whether you believe “Perfect” is about Taylor Swift or not, this new theory is free publicity for One Direction’s new single and their new album. One Direction has announced they are going on hiatus when their “On the Road Again” tour ends. They will work on their own projects for a year and take a break from their crazy musician lives. Niall Horan promised that the band is not breaking up and they will be back to tour for their new album in 2017. So all you One Directioners don’t worry, it is not another Backstreet Boys heart break!

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