How to Tell if a Zodiac Sign Likes You

Grace Carney- Staff Writer

Aries: How don’t you tell is the real question?

Taurus: Looks at you with tenderness and is generous with gifts.

Gemini: Suddenly becomes your new best friend and finds you fascinating.

Cancer: Awkward and rather tongue-tied whenever you’re around.
Libra: Tries to impress you and turns the charm on.

Scorpio: Stares at you endlessly and relentlessly tries to figure you out.
Sagittarius: Pushes to hang out with you with great enthusiasm and looks at you with sparkling eyes.

Capricorn: Opens up to you and keeps their word when it comes to plans.

Aquarius: They prefer your company over others, and try to initiate an intellectual conversation with you.

Pisces: Gazes soulfully at you and responds with compassion when you rant.

Leo: Showers you with adoration and compliments.

Virgo: Is unusually attentive and helpful towards you.

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