Online Dating App Suggests Racial Preferences

Gemma PintoStaff Writer

There’s so many ways that people can start dating these days. It varies from the friend of a friend, an online website and now through applications on your smartphone. That’s right, you can now date from the comfort of your own phone. Facebook’s app, “Are You Interested,” allows singles to create their own profiles and interact with potential dates. There are a lot of factors that alter the world of online dating. A main one? Race.
This app provides information on which race gets high response rates and those who get low response rates. The correlation between gender and race results in a mixed conclusion. How many people out there don’t date their own race or rather, how many do? The findings reveal that men are more likely to date outside of their own race, except black women gravitate towards white men. The booming app makes it easy for singles to choose their potential loves but they don’t consciously realize that race is an attribute they take into account when choosing your date.
So are you wondering what race is more drawn towards you? Research shows that black, latino and Caucasian men are more prone to dating Asian women, whereas Asian men are more likely to date Latino women. If you happen to be a Caucasian man then Asian, Latino and Caucasian women are more likely to choose you. Although this research is based upon this particular app, it goes to show that race is a big deal when considering someone for a relationship, whether it be for life or for now.
Online dating has changed the world we live in today. It’s no longer about having to go out of your way and meet someone. You don’t have to ask them their interests and learn certain facts about them over a course of time. Dating has become much more convenient for our generation, it’s become a shopping cart for our love lives. It was possible for race to come into play while finding your potential significant other but it is not recognized as a dominating factor. Thinking about using an online dating app? That’s a deal breaker.


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