Ladies & Gents: Who Should Text First?

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Congratulations! That cute guy in your math class who borrowed a pencil from you that one time finally asked you for your number after a quick conversation about pizza at Tino’s. Now what? You could wait three days for him to send you a “Hey” or you could wait three minutes and be bombarded with “Hey! How are you?! You’re cool 🙂 we should hang out sometime.”  Either way, you are waiting for the guy to make the first move, but who says it has to be that way?
Texting between ladies and gents seems to be filled with culturally endorsed unspoken codes and regulations such as: Guys have to text girls first, but they have to wait a few days before they make the leap and they can’t jump right into asking a girl to hang out unless the girl alludes to it through her creative use of Emoji’s, vague flirtations, etc. All of coupelephonethe pressure is placed upon the guy to think of some interesting way to start up a conversation with a girl who he borrowed a pencil from one time and happened to realize how cute she was one night at Tino’s. This is ridiculous because guys are terrible verbal communicators when compared to their  female counterparts. Girls know this and yet they still rely on the guy to make that first move, even though the girl has secretly been trying to talk to this guy ever since he borrowed that pencil and glanced at her with those deep green eyes that match the fitted hat he always wears.
My solution to this problem is simple: Ladies, feel free to text first.  Yeah people will tell you that you might seem clingy and that you are breaking the status quo, but when did you start listening to people who tell you how to live your life? You are an independent woman and you fight for what you want in life.  You probably don’t even want a dude in your life right now, but for the purposes of this article, you can’t get that green-eyed stud out of your mind. If that’s the case, then I say go for it. The main rule of texting first is confidence and girls tend to be more attracted to guys that have it.  They can send that first text to you and they don’t seem to care  about what anyone thinks of them. This might be news to you, but guys like girls with confidence too. It’s a lot of pressure on guys to take that first step all the time and sometimes having the girl text him first alleviates the pressure that could make a guy mess up in a situation where first impressions are important.grlbytext
If any of you girls are considering trying this out but you are nervous and a little scared to try, just remember one thing; every guy who has texted you first has felt the same way, and karma is always in effect.

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