Starbucks vs. Dunkin

Kailey Chambery- Contributing Writer

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?  Some people swear by one or the other but which contender comes out on top for cranking out the best cup o’ joe? Sure, Starbucks has trendier scenery inside their cafes with that cozy ambiance just right for sipping coffee, but on the other hand, do people realize how giant Dunkin’s cups have gotten these days? Let’s map it all out.
Price-wise it’s a no brainer that Starbucks is the most expensive, but let’s see what kind of bang customers get for their buck.  Stronger coffee in nicer cups, better quality food and a fashionable image all play into that five dollar latte people choose to invest in. Though the Starbuck’s experience is one of great pleasure, some of us out there still aren’t sold on that steep price tag.

Dunkin poses as a more convenient venue with more drive-thru windows attached to their buildings, providing a quicker fix for those on the go. Their products aren’t bad by any means, and the breakfast sandwiches are big sellers with small prices. They both have their perks and downfalls — but enough with the comparisons. The fact is college students are a target audience for anything that contains caffeine. It’s also common knowledge that these students don’t have the fattest wallets to be dropping that precious beer money on things like coffee.
Fortunately for the students at SUNY Oneonta, most have declining or dragon dollars to throw away on fueling up at the Hunt Union Starbucks.  It’s tough to say whether students would still spend more on Starbucks or switch over to Dunkin Donuts if this wasn’t the case. All things aside, if we’re looking strictly at the quality of product, Starbucks is the better choice whether an individual is willing to pay the price or not. For those out there who aren’t fans of either franchise, Jazzman’s remains the dark horse and its connection to Milne library could be it’s secret weapon for a comeback once finals week approaches.


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