Slow-cooked Good Eats at Jimmy T’s

Jorie Cohen- Contributing Writer

The best and only night club to hit the Water Street strip is not just a dance floor with electronic music, they also serve food from 5 p.m. to close.
A few days ago I decided to try the food at Jimmy T’s after hearing great reviews. The first surprise was walking in through the back door and the emergency exit. It was also a huge shock to see the place with the lights on while playing soft music. Since the club atmosphere is mostly focused on their nightlife, the tables and chairs seemed to be placed in odd areas of the room. I sat at a table of six in the middle of the dance floor.
After waiting at least ten minutes after only asking for water, we were more than ready to order. The menu seemed very reasonably priced with a variety of dishes. The dishes ranged from grilled chicken and eggplant panini’s costing only $8, burgers with your choice of cheese, bacon, and vegetables or specialty burgers including avocado, peppers, and chipotle mayo with at a price point between $8-10. There were also appetizers including vegetable egg rolls, chicken wings (boneless and regular) with over five sauces, and Bruschetta. In addition to all of these great choices there were also sandwiches such as philly cheese Steak and eggplant parm. All of the appetizers and entrees seemed to be reasonably priced with $13 being the most expensive.
I decided to start with boneless honey barbeque wings and a cheeseburger topped with avocado. The wings took at least 20 minutes, but were excellent. After getting our starters, we had to wait another 30 minutes to get our main dishes. The food was tasty but the wait time was too long. Now it was time for the check… only an hour later. The check seemed to be a little expensive, we noticed that there were a lot of small fees for the extras. My friend ordered a sandwich with avocados which she never received. On the check she was charged for these.
Overall, the food was great, as long as you have at least two hours to spare. The set-up is a little odd if you are used to the club scene after 11 o clock on a Friday night. They are very short staffed the two waiters were struggling to serve at least 10 tables in a timely fashion. Another side note, make sure to order exactly what is on the menu so you are not charged for extras. Yet, if you’re craving a fancier sit down place for a burger and wings, this might be the place for you!

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