Hunt Union To Gain Mural, Entries Projected in Waterfront

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Director DePompies, our director of pride and tradition, is working to coordinate a mural design contest with Rob Tibault, director of Hunt Union. The mural design entries will be accepted in Fall 2013 and the winning submission will then be projected onto the walls of the Waterfront room, Hunt Union, in Spring of 2014. Director DePompies is in the process of putting together a committee of art department faculty, along with maintenance workers who would be willing to look at the space and to assess what types of supplies will be needed.
The art faculty would be part of the panel that gets to decide on the winning submission while the entire student body will get the last say via a campus-wide vote. The Student Association is always looking to include any interested students and/or faculty members to become more involved, whether it is through mural design or voting for the best submission.
Any interested students are encouraged to submit an original and unique design that would not only add character to the room but also act as his/her legacy left long after graduation. This is a great opportunity for the students to have their work displayed in a central location on campus for many to see. If you, or someone you know is interested in submitting a design or being part of putting it all together, contact our director of pride and tradition, Michelle DePompies or visit us in the SA office for more information.

Student Association Scholarships

Every semester, the Student Association releases scholarships for the student body. This semester we have seven scholarships available for any activity fee paying member to apply, plus a scholarship from the Student Fashion Society. The seven scholarships are worth $300 each and will be applied to the student’s tuition bill for Fall 2014. The scholarship offered by the Student Fashion Society is worth $600 and will be applied to the student’s tuition bill in the following manner: $300 towards Fall 2013 and $300 towards Spring 2014. The applications are now available and can be picked up at the SA office, in Hunt Union. They must be submitted no later than March 15 to be considered. This is a great opportunity for all students and it is easy to apply, all you have to do is pick up a packet!

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