NFL : The Story So Far

Terrance McLeod, Staff Writer

   With the first month of the NFL season wrapped up, a few teams have started to pull away while others have a lot of work to do. After three weeks of questionable calls by the replacement referees the NFL finally made an agreement that got the traditional referees back just in time. After the controversial ending of the Green Bay and Seattle game, in which a highly questionable call cost Green Bay the game, the deal was made. The refs were back and fans rejoiced.

   Last season’s hype of Tim Tebow appears to be just that—hype. Through five games he has thrown only two passes and completed just one for a total of nine yards. His rushing numbers are nothing special either, which is how he dominated games last season in Denver. The production the Jets are getting out of him is not what they were hoping for and it is clear that they have a quarterback crisis that will hopefully get fixed sooner rather than later.

   After five weeks of play there are just two undefeated teams that are left: the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans. Both teams look strong right now and their schedules indicate they can continue to breeze through the rest of the season and make a run in the playoffs.

   October has some pretty interesting matchups. This past weekend had the Denver Broncos vs. the New England Patriots in a game that put Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady again. Like always, a good and exciting game took place with the Pats winning in the end 31-21. This upcoming weekend has Green Bay vs. Houston, which should be an exciting game as we see just how good this undefeated Houston team is. In Week 8, the Giants and Cowboys renew their heated rivalry once more down in the Lone Star State.

   With the first quarter of the NFL season in the books and the season starting to heat up, the only thing we can be sure of is that there are more games to be played, with both conferences and all the divisions up for grabs.

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