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Kayla Whitaker, Contributing Writer

Warning Glee Fans: If you didn’t watch the latest episode and don’t want any spoilers, you may want to avert your eyes. This Valentine’s Day many of the shows that aired were filled with tales of love. One show that put a spin on things is Glee. Although the episode did not get as many viewers as other weeks, it still held its own. For the past three years, Gleeks have watched teenage pregnancies, stereotypes, adoption and its after-effect, teacher-student relationships, homosexuality and now, a possible teen marriage.
For several years, Gleeks have been watching the Rachel-Finn love story unfold. After Rachel’s life altering decision, the revealing of her parents’ homosexual relationship occurred in this past week’s Valentine’s Day episode. This disclosure has been described as one of the biggest character reveals, next to the mystery mother in How I Met Your Mother. The choice of actors (Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) was a good one on Fox’s behalf. However, the sneaky gay dads’ plan for the love-crazed teens to wisen up and realize that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be backfires when the couple realizes that sometimes they just need their friends to bring their egos back to earth, and say “damn” to the world because they love each other.
The different dramas that unraveled brought to light several underlying messages that Americans face today. One of these issues is the intolerance of sexuality within certain schools. Santana and Brittany’s relationship has grown deeper over the past two seasons, with their romantic feelings being hindered and it being Valentine’s Day; of course Santana had to stir up some drama. When Principal Figgins attempts to stop the Brittany and Santana’s PDA after some reports of it being inappropriate, the feisty Latina is outraged, and tries to cause problems within the God Squad (the religious club on campus). However, her perfect Valentine was given to Brittany at Sugar’s dance, and got audience members thinking, is there really biases based on sexuality in high schools today?
The entrance of some new characters, characters leaving and old characters possibly returning has Gleek fans on high alert. The new dreadlock-wearing, guitar playing, gay accepting God Squad member had some Gleeks simply drooling during the episode. Will we see more of the accepting new member of the God Squad? The return of ex-gay bashing bully David Karofsky made some Glee fan’s hearts melt when he confessed his growing love for Kurt. Now, for the past two seasons, we have watched Kurt and Blane’s relationship bud, but will there be trouble in paradise for the two if Karofsky wants to make Kurt his own? The entrance of Damian McGinty Jr., winner of the Glee Project, into Glee’s third season had loyal fans’ approval, but will McGinty’s character Rory Flanagan get the ax after only one season? Only time will tell.
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