Constanza’s College Dorm Coffee

Constanza Bentacor, Contributing Writer

illustration by Mary Cheung

I’m an absolute caffeine addict. Unfortunately, I live in Tobey Hall, so Starbucks is basically at the opposite end of the map and sometimes (most often), I don’t feel like walking two miles just to get my cup of joe. Once, while procrastinating on my homework (what I do best), I wanted a cup of coffee without having to leave my dorm. That’s when I remembered the little bit of chocolate milk left in my mini fridge. I’m not a big fan of chocolate milk but I love mocha coffee. Hopefully you guys like it as much as I do! Drink one to kick back and relax, or have one to ready yourself for hours of studying and work!

You will need:

• 1 electric kettle
• 2 tablespoons Instant coffee (I prefer Nescafe)
• Sugar (to taste)
• Nesquik double chocolate milk or regular chocolate milk (to taste)
• 1 spoon/mixing stick
• 1 mug (obviously)
• 1 cup water

First, you must boil water with the electric kettle. You can just do this in your room or go to the nearest kitchen. Put the two tablespoons of instant coffee and sugar (I prefer only two packets) into the bottom of the empty mug. Add a spoonful of water to the mug and stir until the mixture turns into a light brown color. If it doesn’t change color, that’s okay; it will just produce some foam. Now add the rest of the boiling water. Finally, add the Nesquik double chocolate milk or the regular chocolate milk. Mix and enjoy!

(Illustration by March Cheung)

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