The Top 5 Best Songs from The Tortured Poets Department Songs 

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Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Out of all of the albums that were coming out this year, Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department album was by far the one I was most excited to hear. This album gives a melancholic, heartbroken, and surreal ambiance. You can hear every emotion within Swift’s voice, and how strongly she felt while writing the album. I will be stating the top five best songs from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, The Tortutred Poets Department

First, we have “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys”. According to Genius lyrics, this song is ‘a poignant anthem that explores the complexities of love and loss using the motif and metaphor of broken toys’. I love this song for how heartbroken and relatable it is. Being someone’s entire heart, being their absolute favorite thing in the world until they mishandle you, and don’t want to play with you anymore. I truly love this song because of the message it sends.

Second up, “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” tells the story of Swift faking it till she makes it. While showing everyone around her that she is happy, she is secretly depressed and broken inside. A line I enjoyed was, “I can read your mind She’s having the time of her life There in her glittering prime, The lights refract sequined stars off her silhouette every night.” This reminds me awfully a lot of another song of hers named “Mirrorball”, “I’ll show you every version of yourself tonight I’ll get you out on the floor shimmering beautiful And when I break it’s in a million pieces.” I enjoyed this especially since it has so many similarities to “Mirrorball”. 

My third favorite is “loml”. This song is about Swift’s ex-boyfriend giving her false expectations, telling her she was the love of his life, and that they were going to get married and have children. Yet, inevitably that did not happen. I enjoyed this song because of the beat and the lyrics. I enjoyed that she never said throughout the song, ‘love of my life’ until the end where she said, ‘loss of my life.’ It was lyrically beautiful. 

The fourth song I enjoyed was “Guilty As Sin?” I interpreted this as overthinking things and finally getting to this spiraling point where you start believing the fake scenarios you create in your head. The lyrics and instrumentation made this a favorite for me. 

The fifth song I enjoyed was “Fortnight (feat. Post Malone). This song is rumored to be about her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and how after they broke up it only took him around 14 days to be with someone new. I enjoyed this because I love both artists equally and am so glad they collaborated. I enjoyed the lyrics and the instrumental of this song. 

Overall, these are my top 5 songs, but the entire album was amazing. 

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