Sabrina Carpenter Releases New Song “Espresso” 


Lex Valluzzi, Staff Writer

24-year-old singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter released her new single titled “Espresso” last  Friday, April 12th. Carpenter last released music in November of 2023, with her six-track holiday album. The single was performed on stage for the first time at this year’s Coachella music festival and is slowly climbing the Billboard Top 100 ranks,  and the song has already hit the top 10 on Spotify charts. Predictions say that “Espresso” is shaping up to be the new hit song of the summer. 

With Carpenter’s single being released, a lot of fans have been awaiting her sixth studio album to be following shortly. She has not released much information about her new album yet.  There has been no name or date mentioned, all fans know is that Carpenter says the album is  currently “in the works.” She says that this album will be all about exploring new genres and not limiting herself with her music going forward.  

Leading up to the release of the song, Carpenter uploaded some behind-the-scenes clips of the filming of the music video, as well as some shots of outfits she wears in the video. She had also teased the title of her song by posting captions to social media such as “stay caffeinated” as well as the coffee emoji.  

“Espresso” opens a new era for Carpenter lyrically because her previous albums such as Emails I  Can’t Send feature a lot of heartbreak anthems. “Espresso” takes on a completely new vibe where Carpenter is showing off her confidence in herself. The song has a lot of personality and humor, like what the fans usually see on stage in Carpenter’s witty “Nonsense”  outros that have gone viral.  

Along with the release of the single, Carpenter also released a music video the same day.  Directed by Dave Meyers, the video has already reached over six million views on YouTube.  The video was heavily inspired by the 1950’s beach style. Carpenter, as well as background dancers all wear old-school bathing suits, and the common 50’s dance moves will remind viewers of a classic beach party movie. The video shows off a lot of Carpenter’s humor, along with singing and dancing on the beach. Fun fact, in the video, Carpenter is driving the boat herself! 

Carpenter stated in an interview with Billboard: “Since the day I heard the song, I saw a beach atmosphere—and more specifically this kind of old school and modern environment. I wanted to capture the playfulness that I like to use throughout all of my videos. I also just wanted a pool  car, to be frank.” 

Now that Carpenter has just wrapped up opening up for Taylor Swift on “The Eras Tour”, fans cannot wait to see what she has brewing next. 

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