Esports: Super Smash Bros Tournament

Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

On April 19th at 3:30 pm there was a Super Smash Bros Tournament hosted by the

ESports club at Hunt Union in the Glimmer Glass Room. If you have never heard of the game of Super Smash Bros, here is some insight as to what the game entails. It is a multiplayer fighting game in which multiple nintendo characters battle to the death. Players choose their character, and then enter a battle arena in which they must fight each other until there is one player remaining. 

When I entered the room I noticed the friendly and welcoming environment, filled with friends who all had a shared love of video games. They were playing on a Nintendo Switch and there were four players for each round. Each time someone had died, that resulted in their elimination from the tournament and another player was added in.

While observing the tournament I decided to talk to a fellow member of the ESports club

to see why she joined and loved ESports so much. Her name is Kyra Layman, a Freshman and a member of ESports for two semesters now. I first asked her why she joined ESports, and why she enjoyed it so much. Kyra told me, “Well I joined it because my best friend is in the club and I basically haven’t missed a meeting. But when I am not playing the games, which I usually don’t because I am not very good at most video games. I honestly just love to hang out here and do my own thing because everyone is just so welcoming and chill, and I just love everybody here.”

I then asked her what kind of video games does ESports usually play, Kyra responded, “Well we play all kinds of games which I like, we played Cooking Mama one time and we often play Jackbox which I love. And even one time we didn’t even play games but we did a fun presentation night where everyone created their own presentations and presented them to the Club.”

Kyra then started to tell me about all types of events ESports hosts. “They host a lot of cool events like video game Jeopardy, and tournaments, and we even do collaborations with clubs like the Gamer’s Guild. I remember one time we did a collaboration with them and they gave out Serenity gift cards to the winners. And if you don’t know what Serenity is it’s the shop where you can get a whole bunch of tabletop games, video games, and dungeons and dragons dice.” The ESports club hosts meetings every Friday at 3:30, keep an eye on Campus Connection for updates about the club!

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