Donald Trump Held In Contempt For Violating Court Order?


Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

It’s the trial that keeps taking a turn for the worst as time goes by. Former President Donald Trump is potentially going to be held in contempt for violating his gag order relating to his criminal trial. According to Fox News, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a motion to hold Trump in contempt of this. Trump violated his gag order by posting the names of two witnesses, Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, on social media. His gag order stated he was not to post about anyone involved in his trial or their family members. 

Bragg urged Judge Juan Merchan to give Trump a warning about future gag order violations and remind him of the results of receiving a punishment of additional fines. Being held in violation of this can even include incarceration with a term of up to thirty days. Despite this, Trump would still be able to continue his election campaign for presidency. 

The Merriam Webster Dictionary says that being held in contempt happens when the court determines you have broken the law for disrespecting or disobeying the judge or the court’s orders. You can be held in contempt by cursing at a judge or erupting in outbursts in court. You can be held in contempt if you violate the visitation rights of a child. Which is why throughout the years courts have made it known that a trial is to be handled civilly and professionally. Any interruptions can prevent the real work from getting done.

Donald Trump is the first U.S. President to stand a criminal trial. The Constitution holds no power in preventing convicts and felons from running, but that doesn’t guarantee getting the votes to win the Office. This potential contempt looks to be one of many parts of a historic trial. Trump has publicly shared his views of the gag order as a violation of his first amendment rights and the contempt motion as persecution. However, by complaining online about Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, he violated the gag order. 

The gag order that Trump violated was imposed because prior patterns of publicly insulting people involved in trials online threatened the integrity of the case and the trial. The order is meant to protect those involved and their families from harassment and intimidation. Trump’s lawyers are set to have their own papers when the trial begins again.

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