Rating Coachella Outfits


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

When other people think of ‘Coachella’ they think of music, celebrities, and the desert. When I think of Coachella I think of the outfits. I love to treat Coachella as if it were the Met Gala, judging and reviewing the clothing celebrities wear as if I am a designer myself. I’ll be going through the many Coachella outfits that were seen this weekend and rating them. Pictures will be provided. 

First, we have Sabrina Carpenter. Oh lovely Sabrina Carpenter. I always feel her outfits are slaying especially the ones she wears for concerts. This outfit, however, is not my favorite style from her. I love the white mini skirt and the tiger belt supporting it, but I feel the jacket is throwing me off. The color scheme is amazing though, and she looks fabulous regardless.

Next, we have Emma Roberts. She wore this split-color dress with cowboy boots. I love the cowboy boots and feel that it could be a vibe if she had a different-colored dress. It is a personal fashion pet peeve of mine when people try to style cowboy boots with any outfit imaginable because the facts are the facts, cowboy boots look good with only certain outfits, not all. 

Gwen Stefani will forever and always be iconic. This outfit is one of my favorites because of its uniqueness. I love the yellow plaid and the way the pants and shirt are cut, it is very flattering for her. 

Ice Spice surprised me with her outfit only because I did not know what I was expecting in the first place. I don’t mind her outfit and I see the look and the vision she was going for but I don’t know, I feel like the outfit should have been just the plain laced body suit with the fur boots because of the amount of bows she has within the outfit is too much. 

Even though Doja Cat had many outfits, this one is by far the best and the most interesting. The glasses are big so it makes her look like she is from a different planet in the best way possible. I love the white fur tops and bottoms but I know she was sweating under there. 

I loved Renee Rapp’s look. I think it’s sleek and basic in the best way possible. This is what I would wear if I were a pop star at Coachella. I feel like if she were to add some color she should’ve done a blue jacket simply because blue suits her skin tone and her blonde hair. Regardless, this outfit is great and so is she. 

Overall, the outfits for Coachella were pretty good! I enjoyed them and thought each outfit represented the personality of the celebrity. However, my favorite has to be Doja Cat’s outfit, what do you think?

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