Introducing Revival Apparel Club (R.A.C.)


Lex Valluzzi, Staff Writer

The Revival Apparel Club, better known as R.A.C., is one of SUNY Oneonta’s fashion  clubs. The club holds bimonthly meetings in the Human Ecology building to discuss and plan events for the school year. The club’s main goal is to promote sustainable clothing consumption and raise awareness about current unsustainable clothing practices in the textile and apparel industry. 

The club is  open to all who are interested in learning about fashion and participating in club  activities. Some of the events that the club holds are creating your own vision board, trivia events, upcycling projects, and DIY projects. All materials are provided by the club, but attendees are welcome to bring their own.  

The most popular event that the Revival Apparel Club holds is their pop-up thrift store event. R.A.C. runs the Red Closet Thrift Shop, which has been temporarily closed down for renovations. In the past, R.A.C. has partnered with the Office of Sustainability to get used clothing items and relocate them in the thrift store. Look out for these pop-up thrift stores as they happen at least once a semester in Hunt Union’s International Lounge. This cash only event collects the proceeds that are made and puts them towards sustainable scholarships. 

Some of these thrift store pop-ups are themed for certain occasions such as the Rags To  Rainbows pop-up, a collaboration between R.A.C. and the Gender and Sexuality Resource  Center. They’ve partnered with them to celebrate Transgender Awareness week. They also developed a Halloween thrift store pop-up where students can come and thrift for their Halloween costumes. If you happen to be walking around campus and spot the R.A.C. thrift store, take a look because you just might find something cool and affordable! 

The Red Dragon Thrift Shop is expected to open back up sometime in 2025. When it does, it’s expected open hours are to be Tuesday to Friday from noon to early evening. This thrift store is also cash only. Unlike the pop-up shops on campus, this thrift store remains in Netzer Basement for the entirety of the semester. Be on the lookout for its return in the coming year! 

The club currently has a new upcoming DIY event on April 29, more information is to be released shortly. Their meetings are usually held on Mondays evening in Human Ecology. R.A.C. has a lot of exciting events coming up next semester. Some of which include an outdoor Tie-Dye event, a couple of trips to the thrift stores in town, an embroidery event, and more! To keep track of all the exciting things that R.A.C. has to offer, check out their Instagram @theoneonta_rac for more information.

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