The SUNY Oneonta Film Club Is In Full Swing


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy deciphering films? Or making your crazy ideas come to life on the screen? Well, I have a club for you! In film club, you can create films, watch films, and make lasting memories! 

The film club meets every Thursday in the Red Dragon Theater at 6:00 pm, but every meeting alternates between filming days and movie nights. During filming days, club members get a chance to write and direct their films with the members as the actors and actresses. There is always a chance for other members to pitch their ideas for the next filming day, in which everyone would vote for which idea they like the most! These days are the most fun in my opinion because all of the club members get to bond with one another while also doing something we all equally enjoy. 

For movie nights it is pretty self-explanatory, the club watches a movie that has the most votes. These movies can range between different genres from horror, romance, indie, or even psychological thriller. After every movie ends the club talks about what they enjoyed, what they didn’t like, the performances of the actors, and their overall review of the movies. 

I interviewed a few members of the film club to tell you why they love it so much and why you should join! 

Anna Caccia, Junior, who is the video editor of the film club said, “I really wanted to minor in film production but decided I didn’t want a minor but I still loved film and this club is a really good way for me to be involved with learning about film, and of course, creating them. I didn’t 

expect to be on the eboard my first semester but there was a position open for a video editor for the club and I gladly offered my services! My favorite thing about film club would have to be how welcoming everyone is, because personally, I am a shy, private person and I don’t relate much to people easily but film club has definitely taught me how to let my guard down and to just enjoy the moment that’s happening well… in the moment! I really look forward to seeing the club grow and meeting new people!” 

Nevaeh Lopez, Freshman and a new member of the film club said, “I chose film club because I have loved movies ever since I was a kid I grew up watching them and now want to be a director. My favorite thing about the film club has to be the film days. I feel like it is so much easier to connect with everyone rather than just discussing a movie because you have to work with everyone and get to know them!”

Jadyn Trujillo, Sophomore, who is the president of the film club said, “I love everything about film club! Before I became president, I always loved the chaotic fun of making movies and I loved how tight-knit the club was. Since I’ve taken over, I’ve strived to make the club more of what I loved. More tight-knit, more fun, and more chaotic. I love this club like it’s my baby and I feel like we’ve gotten to the point where a lot of the E-Board and maybe some members feel the same. My favorite part of the club is the casual and chaotic energy we bring. We are all jokesters and have so much fun yet we also take this club very seriously at the same time, it’s a great mix and that leads to a great club. The film club is a space for people to feel accepted, more than anything else. We want to be a fun space for literally anyone. It doesn’t matter if we know you well or just met you, you’ll be accepted into our space.” 

The film club is a great opportunity to make, watch, and love films! Especially with people who have the same interests. The film club has a lot of club collaborations coming up and special events planned! Stay tuned and follow the film club on Instagram @_oneontafilmclub_ to stay updated on news and club meetings!

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