Queen B Climbs The Country Charts!


Ariana Mehmeti, Staff Writer

There’s nothing more that a Beyonce fan loves than new music. Beyonce surprised her fans and the media by releasing a new song “Texas Hold Em”, a country song. “Texas Hold Em” has been repeated on the radio and everywhere on social media. With this new take on the genre, Beyonce has made country music history by being the first black female artist to become number one on the country music song charts. Beyonce’s making history in the country music industry opens doors for other black country artists, such as Tanner Adell and Mickey Guyton. 

“I’m grateful Beyonce has expanded this conversation and now so many amazing artists are getting the shine they deserve,” Mickey Guyton commented on Beyonce’s number one single. It is crazy to think how much of an impact an artist like Beyonce has on the future careers of others. She really impacted the country music industry for black country artists who wanted to express themselves in their music. 

This is great timing, especially after Tracy Chapman performed at the Grammy’s with Luke Combs her original song “Fast Car.” Chapman finally won an award at the CMA for her song after years since it came out. She is now the first black songwriter to win a CMA. As shocking as it is that it took years for a black songwriter to win a CMA, it’s not always easy. Every artist is unique, but one in a few have that extra something. But what if that’s not the case anymore? 

When moving up in the country music charts our society has only seen country music as predominantly white men artists, which falls under our expectations of who sings country. But in recent years more women began to sing country music, which means we can’t expect any artist regardless of gender or race to be overlooked. In a world of music competition, we can make anything possible. 

Seeing Beyonce topping the Billboard 100 for country music is a really big deal. And that’s not all, Beyonce is also releasing her own album of country music soon. Who knows what this could mean for the future of her career. Possible country collaborations?  

Did you know that Beyonce has roots in Texas? If not, it looks like she’s embraced this side to channeling it in her music video.With this new line of music, Beyonce is going to be coming out with a new side of Queen B. If you haven’t already, listen to Beyonce’s new song and find out why it’s a talked about hit. Fans have said something about it that makes you want to get up and go line dancing.

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