Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Breaks Records and Raises Eyebrows

Rockstar Games

Brandon Clack, Staff Writer

On December 4, 2023, Rockstar Games unleashed the highly anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, which immediately sent shockwaves through the gaming community, even breaking the YouTube record for most viewed non-music video in the first 24 hours of release. 

Set against the backdrop of the sun-soaked streets resembling Miami, FL, the trailer opens with Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road,” and a dialogue commences, with the line, “Lucia, do you know why you’re here?” To which a girl in an orange jumpsuit boldly replies, “Bad luck, I guess.” This exchange confirms the narrative departure from the series’ traditional male-centered stories, marking a significant evolution for the GTA franchise.

What sets this trailer apart is not just its engaging storyline but the astonishing visual realism that has pushed the boundaries of gaming graphics. Gamers can instantly see how far gaming has come, from the level of detail, and the moving hair to realistic body motion. This is the most visually stunning entry in the series, thus far. 

One of the notable departures from past GTA titles is the increased diversity in body types and skin complexions, reflecting a commitment to realism and inclusivity. The main character, Lucia, is a woman, a groundbreaking choice in a series historically dominated by male protagonists.

The narrative hints at a Bonnie and Clyde dynamic, with Jason, another protagonist we could play, portrayed as Lucia’s possible love interest. Their chemistry is explored in scenes where they cuddle together and discuss trust before embarking on a store robbery, adding a layer of emotional depth to the gameplay, too. This is something we don’t usually see, as potential love interests, typically are side characters in the game. 

The setting mimicking Miami, FL, is Vice City, Leonida, previously the location of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The trailer even captures the essence of Florida, complete with palm trees, skyscrapers, tons of people at the beach, wild parties, redneck culture, marshes, and even an alligator entering a gas station – which truly depicts the cultural likeness of the region. It’s also clear that the game will take place in the modern day, through the addition of the depiction of characters going live, hinting at a social media system mimicking Instagram Live or TikTok within the game. This aligns with the modern era’s digital landscape, adding another layer of realism to the gameplay.

Controversy stirred up when the trailer featured a news clip mimicking a real-life incident involving a man with Joker-like tattoos on his face. Lawrence Sullivan, whose mugshot went viral in 2017, accused Rockstar Games of appropriating his likeness without consent. However, veteran voice actor Roger Clark, known for his role in Red Dead Redemption 2, defended the game, emphasizing Rockstar’s history of parodying famous individuals. Rockstar Games was sued by Lindsay Lohan for the same reason back in 2015, however, the case was dismissed. 

While the trailer provides a glimpse into the world of Grand Theft Auto 6, the release date is set for some time in 2025. Stay tuned for a new chapter in the criminal underworld of Vice City.

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