New York Giants Looking Strong With New Quarterback

By Kyle Smith, Sports Editor

The New York Giants have not been having the season that the fans were hoping for, and I think that that statement can be said without any real debate.  However, in the past two games the Giants have been able to pull off two wins, one by twelve points against the Washington Commanders, and the other by three points against the New England Patriots.  The Giants have only had two other wins this season, and have had a fair share of injuries to their team, many being at the quarterback position.  One could ask the question, how is a team on their third-string quarterback coming off two back-to-back wins?  The answer is Tommy Devito.

Tommy Devito played at both Illinois and Syracuse for college football, where his performances were nothing to write home about.  He wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t someone who any coach or organization in the NFL really had their eyes on.  This led to him going undrafted, but finding himself a third-string spot on the Giants.

Devito got his shot after starting quarterback Daniel Jones suffered a season-ending injury to his ACL and his backup Tyrod Taylor suffered an injury to his rib cage.  Devito had his first start against the Dallas Cowboys, who are currently in the argument for the best team in the league right now, where he threw for two touchdowns in a 49-17 loss.  However, the following weekend, Devito was able to lead the Giants to a 31-19 win against the Washington Commanders, where he threw for two hundred and forty-six yards and three touchdowns.  Following this game, the Giants played a much slower game against the Patriots, but nonetheless were able to pull off a 10-7 victory.  Devito threw for one hundred and ninety-one yards and one touchdown this game, finding a way to squeeze off a second consecutive win for his team.

Now this brings us to this week.  The Giants are going to play the Green Bay Packers on Monday, December 11th, who also have a quarterback trying to prove himself as a legitimate athlete in the NFL.  This will bring a hopefully exciting matchup for Monday night with two quarterbacks trying to make an impression on the world.  The Packers are coming off a win over the Kansas City Chiefs, who are a very respected and talented team, so we’ll see on Monday night if the Giants have what it takes to keep their win streak going.

With all of this in mind, this brings up a very important question for Giants fans:  Is Tommy Devito the real deal?  If you ask me, I would say yes, Tommy Devito can be the answer that New York desperately needs, but not this season.  Devito is playing better than anyone ever expected with a lackluster offensive line and low morale.  If he can finish out this season strong and get a more talented offensive line in the off-season, then I think Tommy Devito could prove to be a serious threat to defenses all over the NFL.

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