Disney’s Wish Movie Review


Maeve Bidonde, Staff Writer

This past week Disney released their new movie called Wish. The movie is about a seventeen-year-old named Asha living on an island called Rosas. The king of the island has the power to grant wishes and she learns during an interview to be his apprentice that most of the wishes will never be granted. She makes a wish on a star to have more for the people in Rosas to get their wishes back but the king refuses. King Magnifico ends up using forbidden magic and it takes Asha and the entire population of Rosas including the queen to defeat the king.

As for the film itself, the music was pretty good but not the best soundtrack a Disney film has had. However, the story and plot made sense. You could follow it and understand what the writers were thinking when they wrote the film. In most films, there are easter eggs or little details that some notice and some don’t. Throughout the film, there are a few allusions to Disney movies that came before Wish.

The first film Wish alludes to is Sleeping Beauty. In one of the wish orbs, a woman wants to create beautiful dresses. The dress in the orb is the blue dress the fairies make for Aurora that gets changed from pink to blue in an argument over and over again. The dress was the blue version of the orb. A nice nod to the history of Disney films before today’s animated films.

The second film alluded to in Wish is Bambi. A star comes from the sky to help Asha fulfill her wish and makes plants and animals in the forest talk. One of the talking deer looks exactly like Bambi. It appears as if this happens before Bambi’s mom dies in the Bambi movie. Yet another little detail hinting at the animated movies that helped Wish happen.

In the credits, there were drawings of all of the previous Disney princesses such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle. The blend of old and new made the film one to watch. It incorporated parts of the old films with the new ones and allowed parents to pass down the Disney movies they grew up with to their kids.

All in all, Wish is worth a watch if not for the comfort an animated Disney movie provides, but the idea behind it was beautiful and had a meaning that sometimes we wish for something and it doesn’t come true but other times a wish we have does come true. You just have to make it happen or let it be and see what happens. Wish is in theaters now.

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