School Break Checklist


Riley Peru, Staff Writer

With November break quickly approaching, everyone cannot wait to go home to spend time with friends, family, pets, and even coworkers. However, with classes still in progress and finals right around the corner it can be easy to forget what needs to be done before heading home. One major thing to remember is to fix up your dorm before you head out. Here is a checklist of things to do before leaving the dorms for both November and Winter break.

1.) Unplug everything EXCEPT your fridge. Nothing should be plugged into any outlet unless it is your refrigerator. It is a safety hazard and not allowed while away for break. Make a point to check every outlet in your dorm and unplug everything.

2.) Remove any perishable food from the fridge and throw it out before leaving. Don’t come back from break to rotten food marinating in your fridge to deal with. Having rotten food is both a safety and health hazard. Perishable food that goes bad can affect everything else in your fridge, so make sure to remove all food that can or will expire when you are gone.

3.) Remove decorations, tapestries, and other objects from the walls above the fire line. Let’s be honest, everyone has something above the designated fire safety line, and it’s inevitable. Be sure to remove them and store them away before room checks. Otherwise, those objects will be confiscated and could result in a fine.

4.) Take out all garbage and any recyclable objects. Leaving garbage in the rooms can lead to safety and health issues for yourself, your roommate, or anyone else who lives with you in your room. Dispose of trash and recyclables to prevent your room from smelling like, well, garbage.

5.) Pack important personal belongings. Medications, ID cards, Credit Cards, and anything of value to you should be taken home with you for every break. Once the dorms are closed for breaks, they will not reopen until the day set by the University. Forgetting your ID or wallet inside a dorm building while away will ruin anyone’s vacation. Remember the essentials, because you will not be able to get them later.

6.) Check deadlines for class assignments. It’s very easy to get sidetracked while making preparations for a highly anticipated break. School comes first. Be sure to plan out assignment due dates, as well as papers and other assignments that may be due upon return to campus. Set a reminder on your phone, have a planner, anything that works for you to get you to complete assignments works. Take into account your schedule over break and plan ahead when or if you need to do work while home for the holidays.

Dorm cleanouts can be confusing as to what needs to be done, but hopefully, this list brings you some comfort as to what needs to be done. From the State Times Newspaper staff writers, editors, and admins we all wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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