Oneonta Women’s Basketball Falls to Skidmore

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By Riley Peru, Staff Writer

On November 14th, the Oneonta Red Dragons played against the Skidmore Thoroughbreds in Women’s basketball. This game is not a part of their conference matches, and their first will be the SUNYAC conference match on December 1st following the Thanksgiving break. Coming off a ten-point win against the Hartwick Hawks, the Red Dragons looked to improve their record. Competing against the very skilled Skidmore Thoroughbreds, the game would not be an easy one for the Red Dragons, and in the end, they fell short to the Thoroughbreds with a final score of 32-63. 

At the beginning of the first quarter, Skidmore got on the board first with the first basket coming from number 21, Cassie Davidson. The Thoroughbreds maintained possession for the majority of the quarter, but Oneonta still put some points on the board. The first to score from the Red Dragons was number 2 Amanda Zuntag, who scored a layup in the later minutes of the quarter. Zuntag scored a total of four points this quarter, followed by number 1 Nadia Brown and number 22 Emma Schwatzbeck, each with two points. The dragons trailed at the end of the quarter 8-15.

The second quarter began with more Thoroughbred possession of the ball, with an intense defense played by the Red Dragons. Skidmore’s Emmy Plage scored the most points this quarter with a total of 5 points, followed closely by Emilija Jakumaite with four points. The Red Dragons put up a total of eight points in this quarter, which was not enough to give them the edge over the Thoroughbreds, losing 18-31 going into the half. The third quarter started off with a rally from the Thoroughbreds, causing the Red Dragons to primarily be on defense. The Thoroughbreds managed to put up a collective total of twenty-two points in ten minutes. The Red Dragons still managed to put some points on the scoreboard, with a total of five points in the quarter. Sofia Watkin and Jenna Harclerode each put up two points, while Carlie Young put up a point on the free throw line. Going into the final quarter, Oneonta trailed 23-53.

In a last-ditch effort to regain some points, Oneonta entered this quarter with a newfound intensity that wasn’t in the previous three quarters.  The Red Dragons put up nine points total, beating the Thoroughbreds in points scored for the quarter. Jenna Harclerode put up five of the nine points scored in the quarter. Although there were some opportunities, Oneonta couldn’t seem to come back from the lead that the Thoroughbreds put up against them, finishing the game with a 32- 63 loss. This is Oneonta’s first loss of the season. Their record now stands at 1-1.

The Red Dragons will continue their season with a conference game against SUNY Brockport on December 1st at 5:30 pm. The game will be played at Brockport, but the match will be live-streamed for fans to watch at home for people who won’t be able to attend the game.

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