ADIOS Club Meeting

Association for Psychological Science

Lara Murray-Sterzel, Staff Writer ||

SUNY Oneonta is known for its wide diversity on campus. But it’s also known for including new ideas and opportunities for the students too. This brings us to the ADIOS Club, a club that was officially recognized this semester. This club has been on campus for a while and now with it being recognized it gives them new opportunities for what they can accomplish for the rest of the semester.  

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, club members and students met up for a cup of coffee and friendly Spanish conversation to participate in related activities. The club is run by a student named Kim and a senior named Rosie. It turns out Rosie spent a summer abroad and became very skilled in speaking Spanish. In fact, she even teaches Spanish at a school around the area. Even though I was not fluent in Spanish, what I picked up was far more interesting in the world of communication. I memorized the way they spoke, with such excitement and happiness. It was easy to notice how passionate they were about their club and what they had planned for it. Then there were their hands, the way they swayed and moved in conversation was fascinating. You could tell when someone was happy, nervous, or even sad. Lastly, their eyes. Some squinted when they asked a question, others widened when they learned something about the club.  

During the meeting, Rosie wrote new ideas for the club on a whiteboard and practiced words for students to read. They wrote down a total of five-word sentences and discussed different strategies surrounding them. According to Kim and Rosie, the main focus of their club is to provide a space for people to be happy being around those who understand each other. A teacher named Ms. Montoya not only taught Rosie how to speak Spanish but to be proud of the Spanish language because it’s a big part of her culture. Rosie spoke highly of Ms. Montoya and how she owes a great deal of knowledge to her for learning how to speak Spanish.  

Near the end of the meeting, everyone was more relaxed and took this time to share stories with one another. Members and attendees were reminded later that night there would be a Bachata Night at Lee Hall in the downstairs area. They said there would be dancing, food, and fun! All are welcome to join their next meeting, look on the Corq app for more information. As of now, they’re not on Campus Connection. But ADIOS members hope by the end of the semester that’ll change. Will you join ADIOS on this new and exciting journey ahead? 

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