Spring Fashion Show 2022: Botanical Garden

Kyora Wallace

On Apr. 23 the Student Fashion Society held their Spring Fashion Show in the Alumni Field House. The theme was Botanical Garden and the whole gym was turned into a high fashion runway. The event also had judges who work in the fashion world and have ties to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). 

The show was split up into scenes, the first part being: Traditional. Traditional just means something you would wear on a regular Tuesday. One standout collection came from Nichole Martin. The collection was named Sherbert and the crowd went wild as soon as the first model came out. She was wearing a bright yellow high-low dress that flowed beautifully. The collection used bright colors, focusing mainly on the use of yellow, orange, red, and brown. Another great collection came from Esteban Castro. His collection was entitled Lost Boy and you could tell from the music we were about to see something serious. That was confirmed when the first model walked out in a white tank top that read “Racism is Still Alive” across the front. The rest of the collection showed all black clothing with drawings on the back.  

After an iIntermission which included a performance from the acapella group Pitch Slapped, the second half of the show started. Scene 2 was entitled “Wearable Art” and had an environmental theme. Most of the collections were centered around the idea of making sustainable clothes out of recycled materials or just about nature and the earth in general. One standout collection came from the designer Kendra Igoe. It was called Proceed with Caution, and all the clothes were made up of caution tape. The collection showed versatility and was extremely creative. Another creative collection that got a positive reaction was Material Girl. Elanor Pyke created a line of clothing using the paper bags you get from Target. Yes, you read that right. She connected the issue of materialism with sustainability to create this beautiful line of clothing. Another fan favorite was Golden by Carissa Shanley. The collection was inspired by the textures of nature, such as feathers and flowers. The collection was stunning, made up of eye-catching dresses and intricate patterns, it was just beautiful.  

Not all collections can be winners but there were winning pieces in all of them. Perpetual Devotion is one example. It was a beautiful, elegant bridal collection by Kiera Flynn. A standout dress was a long square neck bridal gown. Another great piece came from Wyatt Martin’s The Overgrown collection. It included a bare chest model wearing a cage-style shirt. The shirt was decorated with roses and vines giving a real garden-like feel.  

At the end of the show, the winners were announced. For Traditional, the big winners were The Overgrown (3rd), Earth Toned (2nd) and Lost Boy (1st). For Wearable Art the big winners were Celestial Bodies (3rd), Out of Small (2nd), and Material Girl (1st). Everyone involved in the show put up amazing work and should be extremely proud of themselves and their pieces!  

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