Tino’s Pizzeria: A Review from Cold Cheese Lovers

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Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

As a student at SUNY Oneonta, it is important that you know about the town’s beloved Tino’s Pizzeria. Voted the best pizza of all SUNY schools (on @barstoolsuny’s Instagram), students go crazy over Tino’s pizza, specifically, the cold cheese slices. If you haven’t been there, you are probably wondering why everyone speaks so highly of the place. Let me tell you…there is a reason.

As soon as you walk in, Tino’s is filled with people and high energy. Especially going on a Friday or Saturday will lead you to many happy, high-spirited students and the hard-working staff. There are a lot of items that are decently priced to pick from, and all of them are delicious. My group and I have tried quite a few items and are ready to tell you what’s best to order!

I started off with the infamous cold cheese slice. I can say that this is very good, and super filling, but will make your stomach hurt if you have a sensitive one. The pizza is hot, and the cheese on top is cold. You would think this would taste just like super cheesy pizza, but it’s so much more than that. It is the perfect late-night snack.


Up next, Sarina Graziano and I split mozzarella sticks. The mozzarella sticks were enjoyable, but I do not think they are the best I have ever had. I would eat them again, but if it were between them and something else on the menu, I would choose something else. She paired her half of the mozzarella sticks with a slice of bacon chicken ranch pizza. Graziano said “I thought the bacon chicken ranch pizza was great. It tasted so much better than any pizza place by me.”

I have had the bacon chicken ranch slice as well, and the slice is a good one. I even like it more than the infamous cold cheese slice. It has the perfect amount of ingredients, it is warm, and it tastes amazing. This is another highly recommended late-night snack!

Lastly, we have Jessica Murray, who ate the Walter slice. This was not anything that she expected it to be. “I expected to taste more buffalo. For it to be spicier. But it was sweeter. It was very good.” I have never seen pizza with such ingredients and am excited to try this slice at my next visit.

Tino’s is a great place to eat no matter the time of day. It is a late-night snack to many, and a great place for lunch or dinner. But sadly, they are not open too late anymore. There has been talk of many reasons as to why, but I was able to get the inside scoop. I got to talk to employee Teddy Edwards about why our favorite pizza is now at limited access to us. Edwards said, “Due to being short-staffed, we are not staying open as late anymore.”

Other than the new hours, I would go to Tino’s at any time. Check out their new hours and be sure to get an infamous SUNY Oneonta slice!

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