“He’s All That” 2021 Review


Chelsea Sookra, Staff Writer |

“He’s All That” (2021) is a remake of “She’s All That” (1999), this time starring Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan. The movie follows Padgett’s (Addison Rae) revival of her internet image as her boyfriend, Jordan Van Draanen’s (Peyton Meyer), affair was broadcasted on the internet. Padgett is now determined to win the bet that she and Alden (Madison Pettis) made. Padgett must turn a nobody into the next Jordan to revive her internet image, and that nobody is Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan). This movie was highly talked about due to the fact that Addison Rae, a TikTok star, was the lead of it. While the plot of the film was enjoyable, the acting was not.

The movie begins with Padgett hiding her life of poverty from her wealthy friends and boyfriend.  Jordan cheats on Padgett while Alden is recording Padgett’s meltdown, therefore starting her downfall. Kourtney Kardashian plays Jessica, Padgett’s sponsor, who cuts her off after Padgett’s fame falls. Padgett and Alden decide to start the bet, and they choose Cameron, who is as insufferable as it gets. Viewers are instantly annoyed by Cameron.

Padgett slowly starts to get to know Cameron who initially doesn’t want anything to do with her. Cameron slowly falls for Padgett and she does the same. Cameron has a makeover like Laney does in the original. Cameron now looks attractive and has become an enjoyable character. It is discovered that Alden set Padgett up for her downfall and starts seeing Jordan, making Padgett realize Alden went behind her back. Madison Pettis’ acting in this was good; she played the part of the antagonist quite well. Alden makes Padgett tell Cameron that they bet they could turn him into prom king during an argument, and he becomes furious and wants nothing to do with Padgett. Padgett is heartbroken because she has feelings for Cameron. She tries to get him back and hopes he will come to prom, but he does not. Padgett wins prom queen and Jordan wins prom king. During her speech, Padgett opens up to the school saying that she is just a regular person and gives up her crown. Cameron comes back towards the end, and he and Padgett make up, leaving the movie on a happy note.

“He’s All That” is a cute romance film filled with twists and turns of lies and deceit. It’s a film worth watching if you can ignore the acting. If you already know these actors, then you may be a bit critical of them. Addison Rae was not the right fit for this, seeing how famous she currently is. If you know who Rae is, your first thought would be to think this is unbelievable. Kardashian’s acting in this was also very monotone and, like Rae, she was not the right fit.

The plot is the movie’s savior. The characters are insufferable at first, but become fan favorites toward the end. The romance between Padgett and Cameron glues the film together, with the pair being vulnerable and complimenting each other. No doubt these two are a fit. Padgett accepts who she is and Cameron learns to love the world. Alden’s backstabbing acts really make you hate and love how deceitful she is at the same time. Friendship is another big theme in this movie with Nisha (Annie Jacob) as Cameron’s supportive best friend, Brin (Isabella Crovetti) as Cameron’s younger sister who helped him see the world in a better light and Quinn (Myra Molloy) as Padgett’s true best friend. If you want a cute romance film with some not-so-good acting that you and your friends can laugh over. “He’s All That” would be a good movie to watch. I would give “He’s All That,” a 6/10. There are better romantic teen comedies out there.

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