A Farewell from The State Time’s Seniors

Jessica Kennedy and Colin Maruscask |

Jessica Kennedy:

My time at The State Times has been an experience I will never forget. I started as a contributing writer, then was hired as a Staff Writer, moved up to Culture Editor, and am finishing off as Editor-In-Chief. I have learned so much from the newspaper through experience and working with a great group of people. We have dealt with so much during my time with The State Times from lack of administrative support to converting to online and much more. If it were not for the amazing staff, we would have never pulled it off. I am incredibly grateful to the support and effort given by The State Times’ staff members to work to grow the paper and allowing me to finish strong. To all future members I say: keep fighting! The decreasing levels of administrative support does not dimmish your worth and achievements as authors and editors. Student journalism will always be prevalent as long as there are individuals willing to put in the time and effort to produce the great newspaper we have. I hope everyone else who currently works at The State Times or will work for the newspaper in the future has the same unforgettable experiences and close friendships that I am so grateful to receive.

Colin Maruscask:

Working at The State Times for the last two years has been one of the highlights for me during my college career. Every week I would always look forward to coming into the office and sharing my passion for writing with people who I otherwise would not interact with. I remember how scared I was coming into the first meeting, wondering if my coworkers would like me. They all welcomed me and most of them became my best friends at Oneonta. The small couple hours we shared in the basement of Hunt, or online in a zoom call, would always fly by as we would edit articles, improve our writing skills and generally enjoy one another’s company. Working on these stories that dealt directly with the students on the campus and the community around it made me feel proud each time I picked up the new publication. I remember coming back to the dorms or entering class having students and teachers come up to me and compliment our writing or asking me questions about certain articles. I am fortunate to have joined such a great club and I hope that I have given back as much to the paper as it has given to me.

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