Horoscopes 9/20/19-9/26/19

Aries—Passions are running especially high for you right now, Aries. Unfortunately, this is tapping into your more negative qualities. You may be feeling impatient with inactivity in a certain part of your life. Be careful with how you present yourself to others – moodiness isn’t all you want people to see.

Taurus – You pride yourself on your loyalty, and it is one of your better traits, Taurus. However, lately you may be so set in your ways that you are blindly devoting yourself to those who are not deserving. Sit back and reflect – are you getting as much as you’re giving?

Gemini – There’s never a dull moment with you, Gemini, but that just might be the problem. Geminis have a reputation for being two faced, but you are not two different people in the sense that you are disloyal. Instead you are a million different people at once, and it’s hard to pin down which version of you people are going to get. Consider your identity in the week ahead.

Cancer – The best results come from a positive attitude, Cancer. Sure, you can get things done with a pessimistic outlook, but it probably won’t turn out the way you want. The sooner you dig yourself out from under all the self-pity, the sooner you’ll actually get the ball rolling in the direction you want.

Leo – It’s natural for you to take the lead in situations, Leo, but it isn’t always the best course of action. Your ego may be clouding your judgement. Check ­­yourself– this may not be your time to shine. Embrace a background role and let someone else have their moment in the spotlight this week.

Virgo – Virgo season is on its way out, and you should have come to some new conclusions about yourself. If you haven’t, you’re simply ignoring the obvious. Being reserved isn’t inherently a bad thing, but you’re at a point in life where this quality is going to slow you down and make you miss out on opportunities. Stop overthinking and making excuses for yourself – take control.

Libra – Libra season is right around the corner, and this means you’ll have the resolve to make your mind up about a situation. You’ve spent long enough weighing the different options and flipping from one side to the other. It’s not that hard – it’s just a choice.

Scorpio – You love a secret, Scorpio. You collect them, but you never give them out. It might seem wise, but you’re cheating yourself in your own relationships. Stop being afraid of opening up to those who trust you enough to confide in you. It’s time to reciprocate.

Sagittarius – Being honest is obviously an admirable quality. Being brutally honest can also be helpful at times, but it’s all about knowing when to voice your thoughts. Tact is not your strong suit, Sagittarius. In the upcoming week be mindful of what you say and how it will impact others, otherwise people may just write you off as rude.

Capricorn – It’s important to remember people come in all different variations, Capricorn. You may not be conscious of your judgement of others, but it may be rearing its head in the upcoming week. Try not to make any swift conclusions about others simply because they are not like you.

Aquarius – Solving problems is your specialty, Aquarius, due to your intellectual nature. However, this also leads to your confidence (perhaps overconfidence) in your convictions. Be open to admitting you misjudged something. Sometimes it’s more foolish to stand by your misguided notions than to admit you were wrong.

Pisces – Pisces are notorious for having their heads in the clouds. You may find this is the case in the week ahead. Normally, this wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it may be detrimental to your goals. Daydreaming is a sure way to procrastinate, but right now you need action.

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