HOROSCOPES (Week of September 22 – 29)

Zodiac circle with horoscope astronomy constellation symbols poster vector illustration

lIBRA: This week, your keen sense of detecting complete and utter bullshit will help you make it through these upcoming monotonous days of school.

Color: Bright Orange

SCORPIO: The leaves may be falling, but you will not. Stand up for yourself this week and see what comes of it!

Color: Maroon

SAGITTARIUS: Trouble is stirring in paradise. Don’t be a fool, especially this week…

Color: Baby Blue

CAPRICORN: It may be an off week for you, so definitely stock up on your midnight snacks.

Color: Forest Green

AQUARIUS: You are almost opposite to the current season and weather, and it’s unfortunately bothering you a little too much.

Color: Mellow Yellow

PISCES: Do some small exercises each morning to shake the chill of the AM off your shoulder. Before you know it, it’ll be warm once more.

Color: Lavender 

ARIES: The corniest thing of all to say is “Smile!” but it’s your ticket into good fortunes for the future.

Color: Dark Purple

TAURUS: The pot of gold is on your side this week! You may come upon something very wonderfully strange.

Color: Oneonta Red

GEMINI: Now is a great time in life to plan ahead, whether it’s for the month, the season, or the upcoming year.

Color: Peach

CANCER: The stars say that cancers are the most emotional sign. This is not a bad thing, considering you’re filled with an endless passion…use it!

Color: Highlighter Pink

LEO: As the month draws to a close, you must end and chop off some loose strings as well.

Color: Charcoal 

VIRGO: As the days’ pass, study how you friends react to certain situations. They may need you in the next month.

Color: Navy

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