HOROSCOPES (Week of March 1-7)

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ARIES: This is a good time to take a moment to breathe. Live for yourself right now. Think about what you want to achieve and go for it. A successful week lies ahead.

TAURUS: This week, Mercury is here for you financially. The pressure of money problems will not weigh so heavily on you right now. Try something new this week that will help you discover more about yourself, like meditation or yoga.

GEMINI: Jupiter and Mercury are destructive forces in your life right now, so be prepared. Your relationships may be affected and you will have to either work hard to fix things or bow out. Don’t be afraid to cut out negative people.

CANCER: You will be very sensitive this week; your emotions may even wreak havoc on your relationships. Fear not though, friends and lovers will not leave you in the dust. Take care of yourself. Don’t forget about taking time for yourself and watching out for your mental health.

LEO: Think hard about any upcoming changes you may want to make. The effects of the choices you make now if you take your time will lead to happy results. Be careful, and definitely don’t rush into things because you will come to regret it.

VIRGO: Romantic problems are in the horizon right now, and if things have been rocky lately they might begin to spiral out of control. Mix up your regular routine, do new and fun things to keep yourself happy.

LIBRA: You are a naturally considerate and loving force in other’s lives, Libra. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is teaming up with Neptune right now, which is boosting how empathetic you have been. Don’t let people lean too hard on you though, don’t neglect your own needs emotionally.

SCORPIO: Focus on your friends more than your family right now and try to expand your more distant relationships. Family will understand if you need to take time and place them on the backburner if you are juggling a lot right now. But be sure to also maintain healthy and supportive relationships with people you’ve known the longest.

SAGITTARIUS: Your love life is about to become very complex. Be sure to handle issues that arise with care. Also, Saturn is out for your money and unexpected expenses could come up at any moment.

CAPRICORN: That seasonal depression might be taking its toll right now but this week things will brighten up a bit. Also, don’t expect too much from yourself right now, if the pressure you place on your own shoulders is crushing you take some time to rethink and adjust your responsibilities.

AQUARIUS:  The sun is in your corner right now and this is a good time for your health, mentally and physically so take advantage of how good you’re feeling. For some of you it has been hard to find the time for exercise, but this week would be a good time to get your body in motion

PISCES:  Spending time with family will be important this week, they can help you with problems you’ve been dealing with. Also, take this time to reach out to any contacts you have in your job field. Focus on your future goals, it will

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