Halloween in Oneonta

Katie Kilichowski & Michelle Barbero, Staff Writers 

Halloween is the time for pumpkins, spooky decorations, costumes, and of course, candy! Lots of children count down to the day where they can dress up as anything and collect enough candy to last till next Halloween, or consume it all in one night. Arguably the most popular part of Halloween is trick-or-treating.

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition for most towns, but for children in Oneonta, it is a banned activity. Some cities that are heavily populated, or known as “college towns,” have outlawed trick-or-treating. Due to the presence of college students, who are older and are known to participate in more adult Halloween activities, this ban is for safety. Authorities expect the worst of college students, and have created a curfew for families on the day of Halloween.

Fortunately, these children still get to enjoy Halloween, thanks to the same college students they’re being protected from. The Friday before Halloween, October 29, SUNY Oneonta will host the tradition of Halloween in the Halls. SUNY Oneonta and many of the students welcome families onto campus to not only trick-or-treat, but to celebrate Halloween. It is an amazing experience for children of all ages, family members, and anyone participating in the event. Since children cannot trick-or-treat on the actual day of Halloween SUNY Oneonta gives back to the community.

According to the SUNY Oneonta website, the university has been offering Halloween in the Halls to children for over 10 years. This event will follow a Halloween carnival in the Hunt College Union hosted by the Order of Omega, an honor society for sorority and fraternity members. The carnival will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. and will offer bobbing for apples and other classic fall themed activities for children.

From 6 to 8 p.m., families are welcome to bring their children to designated residents halls around the SUNY Oneonta campus for trick-or-treating. Parents and their children will be taken through the halls by student volunteer tour guides. Students who step up to volunteer will also receive volunteer hours for their time. Families will be able to meet the volunteer tour guides in either the Hunt College Union or the Craven Lounge in the Morris Conference Center.

Students who sign up to put their dorm rooms on the trick-or-treating route are asked to provide their own candy for the children so that participating dorms will be able to provide kids with just as many Halloween treats as they would get if they participated in traditional trick-or-treating in residential areas.

Along with candy, each residence hall will also have unique activities ready for the children to participate in. For example, Littell Hall is planning to have a haunted house in the conference room and Halloween themed crafts in the lobby, which will be put together by the hall’s student government.

Students are just as excited as the trick-or-treaters when it comes to giving out candy in the residence buildings.

Freshman Jess Vaccaro says, “I am excited to see how happy the kids are and to see them dressed up as who they want to be in the future.”

Families will definitely be greeted with friendly faces all around campus and the campus trick-or-treating will provide an atmosphere that feels safer than just being out on the streets at night. In addition to celebrating Halloween with college students, families often take their children to the next town over to trick-or-treat. There are also Halloween themed alternatives that do not include trick-or-treating, such as cookie baking, pumpkin carving, Halloween themed movies, and Halloween parties. Families that live in Oneonta know what to expect on Halloween and customize their children’s experience to make it a great one.

For more information regarding Halloween in the Halls please call the SUNY Oneonta office of Residential Community Life at (607) 436-2514. The SUNY Oneonta community is looking forward to hosting another successful Halloween in the Halls event.

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