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Q: Dear Dragon, I’ve been thinking about transferring schools. I feel like I don’t have any real friends, so I spend a lot of time hanging inside my dorm room and going home whenever I can. I’m not happy here but this is a big decision. What do you think?

A: You’re right, changing schools is a big decision. However, college is a huge financial and personal investment. You have to devote time, effort, and money in the pursuit of self-growth and future opportunity. Make sure your college returns on that investment. You’ve gone through the application and move-in day process before so don’t worry about the hassle.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that transferring will be the solution to your problems. No matter what school you go to, you’ll have to work hard to adjust to the college lifestyle. It’s overwhelming, being away from loved ones and having a social life all while “finding yourself” and balancing your workload. Some people get addicted to moving to new places after every rough patch. Some people move hoping that they will run into a happy life, but it’s a lot more work than that.

Consider making it work at your school first. Do you know what clubs are at your school and if you would enjoy participating in any of them? Joining a club could give you something to do and you would meet people with similar interests. Find your friend group, introduce yourself to your teachers, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a couple of your favorite hobbies. Try to stay updated on your school events as well. Get to know your roommate since they’ll be around a lot anyway. If you think that you guys aren’t a match, you could always switch into another room, maybe one with multiple roommates. One of them ought to make a decent college wingman (or wingwoman)!

Think about transferring after you have already tried everything. Make sure that the problem is that your school is not a fit for you specifically. College life can be challenging but I definitely want you to feel like it’s worth it! Feel free to write again if you have any more questions!

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