WONY DJ Spotlight: Going the Distance

Tracey Cheek, Arts Editor

So, you think you know a thing or two about sports? Wait til you hear these guys. Tune into WONY 90.0FM for some serious sports talk with Alex Park and Erik Bascome.12688097_10207353407945331_8227651353337549777_n


Tracey Cheek: What is the name of your show?

Alex Park: Going the Distance aka WONY’s best (and only) Thursday morning talk show.

TC: Do you have a DJ name? If so, what?

AP: We don’t have DJ names, we just go by Alex and Erik.

TC: When is your show?

AP: Our show is on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. I also host the same show on Sunday from 2 – 4 p.m. with two other co-hosts.

TC: How did you get involved with WONY?

AP: I got involved because I wanted to have my own sports talk show. I started that with Tyriq Butler and Erik eventually joined the crew. Hopefully we can keep the Going the Distance brand going.

TC: Are there any other shows on WONY that you listen to?

AP: I love listening to Dan & Pat (Sunday 12 – 2 p.m.). I try to listen to them whenever I can. I also get my hip-hop fix from WONY’s General Manager, Adjani Reed, and her co-host Susie Salce on Bodega Monday as well as Adjani’s individual show.

TC: What genre of music is your show?

AP: All talk all the time.

TC: What are your favorite songs to play on the radio?

AP: Ah, we do play hip-hop. We love hip-hop instrumentals so we use that as a bed of music while we speak sometimes.

TC: Why should students tune into your WONY show?

AP: If you like hot takes and people acting a fool, you should definitely tune in. We also have this segment called Whale of the Week, which was actually originated on Adjani’s show. The Whale of the Week goes to the person or group of people who just flat out failed at what they were doing. Pretty funny stuff.

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