Changes to Mills Marketplace

Averi Amsterdam, Staff Writer

Speaking up does inspire change. The students of SUNY Oneonta have voiced their desire for healthier food options in Mills Marketplace, and now those options are available. Oneonta Auxiliary Services has been working with the students to learn more about high demand foods they would like to have. These changes have resulted in reconfiguring the layout of the marketplace. This includes a fresh produce section and more freezer space for a greater variety of frozen foods.

Initiated originally to benefit the students living in Higgins Hall who cook for themselves and are on the Higgins Dining Plan, these changes benefit all students. A greater variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and cooking supplies, in addition to other items, are offered to allow students to use their declining dollars to purchase healthier choices and the supplies needed to cook daily.

The prices of these new items are more expensive than if you were to purchase them at Walmart or the supermarket, but the convenience of being able to grocery shop on campus and paying with your declining dollars makes life a lot easier.

If you live in Higgins Hall, keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter sent to your email containing what new foods are being offered that week. Also, make sure to follow @SUNYOneontaMarketplace on Instagram to stay up-to-date on new foods and specials being offered.

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