Costume Predictions: 2015

Stephanie Niknam, Staff Writer

Halloween is this Saturday which means Oneonta’s streets are going to be filled with college-age zombies, half-naked cats, and Donald Trumps. Frightgeist, a site powered by Google trends, takes data of any costume search and turns that data into a report of which costumes will be popular this year. Here are the top ten!

  1. Harley Quinn: This is completely accurate. I know five girls who are dressing up as Harley Quinn this year, and I am sure there are going to be many more. If you’re already planning to be Harley Quinn, don’t panic. Just make sure your costume is accurate, or better than all of the other Harley Quinns you see that night!
  2. Star Wars: I have seen a lot of these costumes at shops like Party City. This is most likely due to the new Star Wars movie coming out this coming November. I’ll have to keep my eye out for any Darth Vaders lurking around Oneonta on Halloween.
  3. Superhero: This is a classic and affordable costume that everyone sees each year. It’s so easy to pick a favorite superhero, but if you’re trying to be unique avoid this get-up.
  4. Pirate: Yes, this costume is really popular for adults who are searching for some booty or buried treasure on Halloween. It’s another easy and convenient costume that I’m sure will be popular this Halloween, as it always is.
  5. Batman: Batman is awesome, so I’m sure I’ll see a few around. Enough said.
  6. Minnie Mouse: This is another easy costume for any girl who already has mouse ears and a cute shirt and skirt. If you’re looking for convenience this is a good route to go.
  7. Witch: The classic witch costume is one which I love dearly. If you want to be a unique witch, get two friends to dress as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus (that you should see at least once this October).
  8. Minion: You will see so many minions in Oneonta on Halloween night because it’s really easy to just buy a yellow shirt and make your own costume. Try to find a creative twist to this overly done costume.
  9. Joker: The perfect companion to Harley Quinn! I’m surprised that Harley Quinn is number one, and this is number nine, but we’ll have to see if there are a lot of Jokers in Oneonta on Halloween because there’s a lot of effort that goes with this costume that most students don’t have the time for.
  10. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is seen every year. I’m sure that this will be popular on Halloween, so make sure your costume stands out from the others.

In addition to these authentic costumes, I definitely predict seeing the stereotypical college-age DIY costumes that we all love on Halloween night. So, read this list as a way to see trends, or as a way to avoid awkwardly twinning with half of a Halloween party. Just remember to have fun no matter what costume you wear!

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