A New G3n Ed

Alex Park, Managing Editor

SUNY Oneonta has implemented a new general education system and it may affect your time at school in more ways than one. In what was called “a SUNY-wide switch,” all SUNY colleges must be in compliance with this new model, Oneonta having made the switch this semester.

All students who matriculate into Oneonta in the Fall 2015 semester and beyond are under the General Education 3 (GE3) requirements.

What does that mean?

Students who have matriculated into Oneonta before Fall 2015 are under the General Education 2 (GE2) requirements. All students under GE2 are required to complete general eduction courses that held these specificattributes.

The GE2 model is considered a streamlined model, where everything is laid out in front of you.  With the conversion to a new general education system, the attributes of the general education courses held have changed, some being combined into one.

With new attributes, the general education model changed as well.

“I feel that it could give students a chance to explore opportunities for different classes we offer here,” said Academic Advisor, Kate Simeon.

The GE3 model goes by what’s called “7-10-30.” It consists of completing seven different general education categories (out of ten), two of which must be Math and Basic Communication, to complete ten total general education attributes, for thirty credits.

This new general education can benefit many students of different majors but before you make the switch there are plenty of things to consider. Simeon reiterated multiple times that once you switch into the new general education system, you cannot switch back to GE2.

However, if you were to switch into GE3, you would also be switching into the new requirements of your major. Some majors have made changes to their curriculum for the Fall 2015 semester so it is something you should consider.

“Our office will ask for confirmation on the change multiple times. We want to make sure that the students are aware of the change they are going to make,” said Simeon.

To change into the new general education requirements, you must fill out a “Change of Major” form and indicate on the page that you are switching into the new requirements. The form can be found in the Academic Advisement office, located in 100 Netzer or online on Academic Advisement’s website.

“It would benefit students tremendously to meet with their faculty advisor or someone in Academic Advisement to ensure a smooth transition if they were to switch [to GE3],” said Simeon.

If you want to see what your road to graduation would look like if you were to switch over to the GE3 requirements, you can always refer to DegreeWorks. By going through the “What If” tab, you can process your DegreeWorks document under the new general education and major requirements by indicating you are running a document for Fall 2015. However, this does not mean you changed into the new requirements.

“Use your resources,” said Simeon. “Take the initiative and meet with your advisor, Financial Aid, and Academic Advisement. Ask questions about your road to graduation and discuss any hurdles that may potentially arise!”

For any questions regarding your DegreeWorks and General Education Requirements document, head to the Academic Advisement office. The office meets with students on a by-appointment basis.

You can access this information regarding General Education attributes in your DegreeWorks document through the my.Oneonta portal.

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