My Major Is BETTER Than Yours

Alex Park, Managing Editor

Before forming alliances to chase me down and treat me like Frankenstein, listen up. My major is not better than yours.

But, you’ve probably heard someone say to you, “my major is better than yours,” or something like that.

That major isn’t “real.” My major will land me these jobs, what can you do with that? Are you actually keeping that major? You wouldn’t survive a day in my major.


Enough of this nonsense! Stop trying to prove your dominance over another person because of your major. Yes, your major is harder/easier than some other majors but that shouldn’t dictate which is better.

I’ve pretty much circled the block multiple times. I came to SUNY Oneonta deciding between Fashion Merchandising, Business Economics, Biology, and Mass Communications. I started with Biology, taking a Mass Communications class along the way, then switched to Psychology while staying on the Physical Therapy track.

SUNY Oneonta

Oh, it doesn’t end there. I dropped the Physical Therapy concentration, added Communication as my second major, before (hopefully) finding my final major, Mass Communications.

The work involved with some majors is more difficult than others. I’ve suffered through BIOL 181 and PSYC 221, and now, I’m currently taking my capstone course, Senior Seminar In Mass Communication. But none of these majors are better than the other.

The workload within these majors do vary. I did see myself doing more “book” work when I was working toward Biology. I saw a decline of “book” work in Communications. That doesn’t mean Biology is necessarily better.

Different majors require different approaches, methods, and attitudes to achieve success. Success will be based on your life after college, not what your major was in college.

It’s a petty argument. What really matters is the endgame; your future career. Your major won’t matter in the “real” world. Bosses aren’t going to care that you had a certain major if there are no transferrable skills. What they will care about is you as a person as well as your skills and your involvement.

So grow up, get your act together and start making moves toward success. Be ambitious and do what you need to do so that you can have the best opportunity to succeed. These four years will fly by and the next thing you know, you’re shaking hands with Nancy Klinewski.

None of us have proved anything yet, so stop trying to one-up each other in miniscule battles and start worrying about yourself.

The world isn’t waiting on you.

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