Pizza: The Healthy Kind

Maureen Auricchio- Staff Writer

In Oneonta we are lucky to have a few pizza places on Main Street. Yet, half the concoctions Tinos or Sals create are full of fat, salt and grease, and the size of the pizza is more than one serving. Late night pizza cravings can be dangerous, ordering 2 pieces of pizza in one sitting can have 200-300 calories or more per slice depending on the toppings. Some people say the crust is the best part while others say it’s the cheese or sauce. Here are some ideas to make a healthier pizza.
Try changing up the crust by using whole wheat dough. A lot of people are turned off by the darker color and difference in taste, but it has a hearty bite and takes longer to chew so you aren’t jamming down your slice in three minutes. Whole wheat crust contains more complex carbs than white crust, so it will take longer to break down. Try different sauces with low sodium, the reduction in salt will make you less thirsty during the day and adding herbs can add depth to premade sauces.
For toppings, I am a huge fan of spinach, broccoli and onion pizza with a white sauce. It’s more filling with all the vegetables, which increase your fiber intake and you consume more vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin A and iron. These toppings are also lower in calories compared to layers of cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni.
Some pizzas can even be dessert pizzas with strawberries, bananas, or raspberries and blueberries. This type of pizza can be lower in fat and is high in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. Keep in mind that fruit has natural sugars, so consume fruit in moderation to prevent high sugar levels.
Possible Pizza combinations:
-Caramelized onion and fig pizza on whole wheat crust
-Asparagus, peas, lemon infused pizza on whole wheat crust
-Pesto, roasted chicken breast, bell pepper on whole wheat crust
Don’t be afraid to try new types of pizza. Pinterest is a great source of pizza ideas, or searching ideas in general can lead you to thousands of ideas and combinations. Have a dinner party with your friends where you each bring different mini pizzas so you don’t waste your time and money buying and eating things you don’t like!

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