Transfers Take the LEAD: Online Footprint

Astrid Ressler, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday evening, February 17, transfer students learned all about what their online footprint says about themselves. Potential employers and college admissions departments both have the ability to search for the names of prospective students and employees. That is something a student looking to either apply to graduate school or enter the work force ought to be very wary of when posting photos and comments on social media websites. Your future career opportunities could depend on what you post on personal profiles online and how you conduct yourself.

To put things in perspective, the event’s organizer, Kate McMichael of the New Student Services office on campus, advised students only to post things they wouldn’t mind their grandparent, potential employer or a four-year-old seeing.

The event was a short, one hour session that got students thinking and talking about what they post online, as well as about whether or not they choose to keep their profiles public or private, what they do when friends tag them in photos that they find unflattering or embarrassing and the consequences of what can happen when inappropriate photos or comments online are brought to the attention of employers or college department heads.

What you may think is something funny to post online can have serious penalties away from your computer screen if you’re not being careful and looking out for your future.

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