Drake Releases ‘If Your Reading This It’s Too Late’

Paul Benjamin, Staff Writer

Drake has officially dropped his newest project titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Released in the form of a mixtape, Drake makes his 2015 debut with an arsenal of 17 songs. Just like Beyoncé over a year ago, Drake released the mixtape without prior announcements or clues, at midnight on February 12. Although sold through iTunes, Drake confirmed the project is a mixtape, although most mixtapes are released free digitally. Any Drake fan knows the artist does not hold back on creativity, and this is no exception. Upon hearing the first track of the album, the listener will be immersed in the pulsing beats, bass-deep instrumentals and Drake’s unique fashion of lyricism.
The album is reminiscent of Drake’s previous studio album Nothing Was the Same, released in 2013. He delves deeper into his home city and experiences with love interests. Songs like “Legend,” “Know Yourself,” and “No Tellin’” display Drake’s new style, which leans  a bit bluesey, while still keeping his rap mannerisms. Drake seems to have a less vulnerable mentality throughout, and does not try to be more than what he is. Drake’s previous records displayed his ambition to rise to the top, but this time he seems to know he has already made it.
There is actually a story behind why this was an iTunes mixtape. Originally, Drake only wanted this to be a free mixtape. Due to issues with his record label, Cash Money Records, he wanted to get out of his contract as soon as possible. Since his contract stated he only needed to release four albums before another contract renewal, he decided to release If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late as an album (because people had to pay for it), but he still considers it a mixtape. It is rumored Drake will release another project later this year.
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is another great rendition from Drake, and lives up to his previously raised standards. First time listeners will welcome the new beats and catchy choruses, while third or fourth round listeners will be able to delve deeper into Drake’s woes, sorrows and self-acclaim. Definitely give this new addition a listen.

Rating: 8/10

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