Top Yik Yaks of the Week

“Anything over $5 is expensive.”

“She’s got the Oneonta Hots for you, bro.”

“Me: I wanna go workout. Bed: Ok good. Me: Never mind, you persuaded me.”

“Think Chef Donna would be offended if I asked her to be my mom?”

“Struggle Bus. I snoozed for 56 minutes today.”

“The leaves are dead just like my motivation.”

“November 4th and I’m still looking both ways on the one way street.”

“The struggle trying to hide your heavy breathing when walking from Blodgett to Fitzelle.”

“All I want for Christmas is you. And by you I mean a burrito from Chipotle.”

“I swear, everyday I wake up and realize how much shit I have to do I think maybe working at Mcdonalds wouldn’t be that bad.”

“Yak about me so I know it’s real.”

“Don’t you hate it when you’re sure you did good on a test and a few days later…67.”

“Anyone else think about how gross phones are? You poop with them and you eat with them. Just a thought.”

“Just went to go eat peach slices I had in the fridge and blew on one before I ate it as if it was hot or something… Yep I’m done with this week already.”

“No matter how much I sleep during the night, I still want to sleep all day long.”

“Living off campus downside: not knowing where to go in between classes.”

“Hate when you change your answer on a test but you had it right the first time.”

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