Domestic Violence: Athletes As Idols, Not Inmates

Student Association, Staff Writer

It seems that it’s every other week that we hear a story about an athlete or a celebrity breaking the law. In February, footage of Baltimore Ravens All-Pro running back Ray Rice was released showing him and his wife (then, his fiancee) entering an elevator together and leaving with him dragging her by her feet, unconscious. The local police and NFL investigated the situation, and in July, Rice admitted to knocking out his wife. A few weeks ago, TMZ released footage of Rice not only knocking out his fiancée, but actually egging on the fight.

In a press conference in July, Rice stated that he was heavily under the influence and made the biggest mistake of his life. He continued to give a list of everyone he let down. The people that Rice failed to mention were young children and teenagers.

Athletes and celebrities are people that civilians look up to. They buy jerseys, cologne, shoes and other items simply because their favorite celebrity or athlete is endorsing them. Rice taught all of his young fans that just because you apologize and you have money, that hitting a woman is okay. However, I would like to send my sincere gratitude to the Ravens organization for admitting they made a mistake in backing Mr. Rice, and after, swiftly releasing him from the teams roster.

Having money and being drunk is never an excuse to hit a woman or to act like an animal. In fact, there is no excuse to harm another human being, let alone a woman or a child. The Student Association not only speaks out against domestic violence, but we also took a stand to make sure domestic violence or any other crime is eliminated from this campus. The “Silent Witness Program” that is offered by UPD and the college lets you report a crime anonymously. Please utilize this program. Below are the links to a domestic violence website and the Silent Witness program. The phone number for UPD and the Domestic Violence Hotline are also below.

Please, if you see any sort of domestic violence–physical, emotional or mental–call UPD. Violence of any kind is never okay, not only on this college campus, but everywhere. Please speak up. Be that change you wish to see in the world.

Domestic Violence website:

Domestic Violence hotline: 1-800-799-7233

UPD: (607) 436-3550

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